Our Service Commitment

At Allstate Benefits, we’re committed to excellence in service. From our competitive product portfolio to enrollment and technology solutions, our customers are the focus of everything we do.

We offer customized underwriting for businesses of all sizes, from just a few employees to some of the nation’s largest retailers. And, our onboarding systems underwrite thousands of applications simultaneously.

Our Home Office teams are trained to support every market segment, because each enterprise has its own needs and expectations. Here’s how we approach all new cases so we’re best prepared to serve:

  • Onboarding customer support
  • Personalized implementation and billing calls
  • Complete enrollment and ongoing support and service

Enrollment Technology
Flexible enrollment solutions that integrate with any employer’s benefits system.

Premium Administration
EasyBill® Online, our online billing system, gives employers instant access to full deduction and coverage information like deduction frequency, coverage change data, premium due and more.

Customer Care
We’re delivering on the Good Hands® promise each day with online service and support.

  • MyBenefits – Customer website for filing claims and accessing benefit and coverage information
  • Wellness and Outpatient Physician’s Treatment claims - Paid in as little as 48 hours (direct deposit/ACH required)
  • Agent Assist – Allows servicing agents to submit claims documents on certificate holders’ behalf